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A Synestia is a swirling cloud of cosmic debris coming together to form a planet... and that is exactly what you are doing. Create a planet and customize every part of it from the surface and atmosphere to the rings and moon.  Take a moment to relax and enjoy your own tiny corner of the universe.


Buy Now$1.00 USD or more

In order to download this game you must purchase it at or above the minimum price of $1 USD. You will get access to the following files:

Synestia.rar 30 MB
Synestia.zip 34 MB


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Hello, this was cute! I made a couple planets and they were very fun. My favourite feature is the asteroid ring (it's so cute!!!) and the fact that you can 100% customize colours. Also making the moon run around at max speed is also fun hehe. Anyway thank you for this game! <3 

it says that it needs unity player but I can't find what it need

Hello, I tried downloading the files but nothing is being downloaded to my PC - it just says "No compatible uploads were found for this title" for both the .zip and .rar. Thanks in advance.

I am having this same problem.

Ah! I realized I forgot to mark the platform. The game is currently only built for windows so if you're trying to install it on anything else that might be the issue. If not, I will keep looking into it.


hey! I bought this in a bundle and it looks like exactly the kind of game I would love, but it says that the .zip folder is empty :( am I going about downloading it the wrong way?


I have the same issue- the error message says the folder is invalid and cannot be opened.


Hey guys, I was able to extract using 7zip. The default zip from windows does not work.

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ok awesome! i'll give it a try, thanks so much!

edit: worked perfectly! I appreciate the help :)

That did the trick, thanks! Wouldn't have thought to run a ZIP through it.


It's because the .zip file is actually a RAR Archive and not a ZIP Archive. Luckily 7-zip can handle both and can extract it even the filename extension is wrong.


Thanks for letting me know, everyone! This should now be fixed for all future downloads.