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A Synestia is a swirling cloud of cosmic debris coming together to form a planet... and that is exactly what you are doing. Create a planet and customize every part of it from the surface and atmosphere to the rings and moon.  Take a moment to relax and enjoy your own tiny corner of the universe.


Buy Now$1.00 USD or more

In order to download this game you must purchase it at or above the minimum price of $1 USD. You will get access to the following files:

Synestia.rar 30 MB
Synestia.zip 34 MB
Synestia(Linux).zip 43 MB


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Controls are partially off screen with 3440x1440 screen

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It's a breezy little diversion.  Fiddle with some sliders, make cool looking planetoid-things.  It immediately reminded me of Rakuen, and the character of Sue with her multitude of marble worlds, each with a distinct personality and story.

Worked perfect for me on Linux, btw would be cool an option for turn the music lower

Thanks for the Linux version!

Given this is a unity game.. any chance we could get an exported version for Linux users? Would love to play this.

I have added a Linux version so you can check it out! Admittedly I do not have a Linux machine so I can't test it myself but if you still want to try it out and it doesn't work, let me know and I will do my best to get it working for you!

Oh hey, that was fast!! It works! Well.. mostly.. it seems there’s an issue on Linux with Firejail.. but running the app outside of the sandbox (even though you shouldn’t do that) doesn’t break anything and I can actually edit a planet. Thanks for doing that so fast!!

Thanks again for exporting it to linux! I was wondering if it would be possible to save planets. I’ve made a few and it’d be nice to come back to them some time.

Hi! I absolutely love this as someone who's creating a sci-fi world for my tabletop friends. I'd absolutely love the feature to add or remove multiple moons if yall are still updated. Thank you for creating this absolute amazing game! <3


Hello, this was cute! I made a couple planets and they were very fun. My favourite feature is the asteroid ring (it's so cute!!!) and the fact that you can 100% customize colours. Also making the moon run around at max speed is also fun hehe. Anyway thank you for this game! <3 

it says that it needs unity player but I can't find what it need

Hello, I tried downloading the files but nothing is being downloaded to my PC - it just says "No compatible uploads were found for this title" for both the .zip and .rar. Thanks in advance.

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Ah! I realized I forgot to mark the platform. The game is currently only built for windows so if you're trying to install it on anything else that might be the issue. If not, I will keep looking into it.


hey! I bought this in a bundle and it looks like exactly the kind of game I would love, but it says that the .zip folder is empty :( am I going about downloading it the wrong way?


I have the same issue- the error message says the folder is invalid and cannot be opened.


Hey guys, I was able to extract using 7zip. The default zip from windows does not work.

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ok awesome! i'll give it a try, thanks so much!

edit: worked perfectly! I appreciate the help :)

That did the trick, thanks! Wouldn't have thought to run a ZIP through it.


It's because the .zip file is actually a RAR Archive and not a ZIP Archive. Luckily 7-zip can handle both and can extract it even the filename extension is wrong.


Thanks for letting me know, everyone! This should now be fixed for all future downloads.